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    The Dog and Bone Splash44 was a case I had my eye on for some time. It really looked like a nice case that would add a little bit more water and dust protection to my phone. I was really excited when it finally arrived and I put it on my phone right away. The first thing I noticed was how much grip it added. The Splash44’s rubber body is softer than you would think and adds grip like you wouldn’t believe. There is an attached lightning port plug that is very easy to remove and put back in place. The case does cover the buttons on the phone and they aren’t as easy to press as I would like, it’s not terrible though. The biggest problem I have with my particular case is also one of the first things I noticed. The mute toggle. There is a cover on the mute toggle and my mute switch never seemed to fit into the cutout and while I could mute my phone once, I could never unmute it unless I took it out of the case. So I did what any reasonable person would do, I took a knife and some scissors and I cut the mute toggle cover off. Unfortunately, that didn’t really help either because the mute switch didn’t really line up in the center of the newly created hole. This was honestly the most disappointing part of the case.

    The Splash44 would have easily been one of my favorite cases if only the mute toggle would have worked on mine. I’m not sure if it’s an issue on all the cases or I just had a lemon. The other thing worth noting is that the Splash44 has a clear back with only a colored bumper, and there are numerous color options. I chose the orange and I found the color of the bumper is quite noticeable while looking at the screen of your phone. I would have preferred it to be maybe a little more subdued or closer to the back of the phone so it wasn’t so noticeable. That’s really just a minor annoyance though, and the case itself is a nice solid case. I may even buy another one just to see if mine was a lemon. All that being said, the Splash44 is still going to do a good job protecting your phone from dust and most minor everyday drops.

    Dog and Bone Splash44 Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0182.jpg

    The Good
    • Really grippy
    • Lightweight
    • Nice accent to your phone

    The Bad
    • Mute toggle may be troublesome
    • Doesn’t really add any extra water protection
    • Only has average drop protection

    Dog and Bone Splash44 Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0181.jpg
    Dog and Bone Splash44 Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0183.jpg

    If you're looking for a cheaper case that will augment the protection your phone already has and will show the color of your phone while adding some accents to it and providing some really nice grip, then the Dog and Bone Splash44 is definitely worth checking out. I would just recommend keeping your receipt in case you get a lemon like I believe I did.

    You can buy the Dog and Bone Splash44 from Amazon
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    Great review! Thanks for sharing.
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