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    The Caseology Parallax, this case surprised me a little considering the price. I decided to get the Parallax because of all the times I’ve heard Caselology mentioned and I’d never tried one before. The Parallax had a color scheme I liked and the design was appealing. What I didn’t expect was to feel the design on the back of the case. Some people like it, I find it a little weird and distracting. Despite that, it will help add some grip to the otherwise slippery back. As far as cutouts go, the Caselology Parallax has some of the most accurate cutouts you will find and the lightning port cutout is definitely wide enough to allow third party chargers or charging docks, and the mute switch cutout is wide enough that accessing the mute switch will never be a problem.

    For a slim case, there is still enough of a lip to protect the screen, which is something I don’t see as often as I would like in slim cases. The buttons definitely surprised me, especially from a cheaper case; the buttons are incredibly responsive and tactile. It amazes me how many case manufacturers can’t figure how to make responsive and tactile buttons so it’s always welcome. You’re not going to get any more than average drop protection with the Parallax; it’s just a standard straight forward slim case with an added grippy design on the back. While I’m not a big fan of the Parallax myself, it intrigued me enough to consider a different Caseology case.

    Caseology Parallax Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0179.jpg

    The Good
    • Great port cutouts
    • Buttons are very tactile
    • Slim, solid case

    The Bad
    • Average drop protection
    • Design may not be appealing to hold
    • May leave an imprint on your phone

    Caseology Parallax Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0178.jpg
    Caseology Parallax Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0180.jpg

    The Caseology Parallax is definitely a great slim case, especially when you consider the price. There are numerous cases twice the price that aren’t as good. The Parallax is a case that you want to keep on your radar.

    You can buy the Casology Parallax from Amazon
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    Great review! Interesting case. Kinda fugly though!
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