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    Ok so i started a new wireless account with Att. At first I only had one line on a two year contract. I ended up porting another line over from tmobile a couple of days later, and when I ported the number over online I had set up that 2nd line to be signed in a contract and was able to buy an iPhone 5 refurbished from the att website with a 2 year contract price.
    While waiting for the phone to be shipped I transferred 2 other lines from my sisters Att account to bring the total lines on the Att account to four lines, all of which we're upgraded on two year contract. When the phone for the ported line came in It was activated and almost immediately I saw the account balance jump to $475. I was shocked to see this on the bill since all of the activation fees were waived through my discount I get through work. I called Att right away and explained that there is no reason the first bill should be that high and politely asked if they could explain the charge. No one could explain the charge so I kept getting transferred back and forth. After about being on the phone on and off for about a week, someone finally came out and said it was a deposit. I was still surprised because nothing was ever said about a deposit when I checked out. Really long story short, I wasn't able to get a refund on the deposit and sucked it up and paid it. After all I will get it back eventually. I was also told that ported numbers aren't allowed to be on contract for some reason... Which would have been really nice to know before hand! I just don't think it's right for them to just throw a deposit on the bill after being signed on contract. What do you guys think,it's over and done with now but I just want to hear your thoughts.

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    P.s Since the ported line can't be in a contract and I am paying 25 a month for the line rather than 40(mobile share), what happens to the phone I had originally purchased on contract and now it's not. If the $475 "deposit" I payed for that line really is just a deposit, and I get that money back, when do I pay for the phone itself? Not that I'm eager to pay if that s the case, just don't want another surprise on my bill..

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