1. parker5011's Avatar
    I was wondering if anyone has done a bring your own (att) iPhone to straight talk or net10? Which one is better? Thanks for the help b
    06-27-2013 11:25 PM
  2. blakecam28's Avatar
    Well now you only can purchase a byop sim from net10! Straight talk and net10 are sister company's of tracfone. Straight talk and AT&T had a dispute and split ties basically! You can buy a straight talk sim from eBay or amazon but the prices are unbelievable like 100$. Go with net10 I've been with them for years and there service is Great, there SIM cards are only 10 dollars on there website. Let me know If you do and I'll help you with the apn.
    06-29-2013 10:51 PM
  3. parker5011's Avatar
    Thanks! Someone found me a st sim at Walmart a while back and I have been holding on to it but the AT&T dispute has me worried about the future w it. Do you think that the AT&T sim will still be usable a year from now?
    06-30-2013 01:50 AM
  4. blakecam28's Avatar
    Yes whoever already has one will be fine! Net10 is still selling the sims and like I said there both owned by tracfone! It's was just a clause with straight talk that after purchasing the iPhone5 from AT&T for 99$ and when you receive your first months bill you could port your number to straight talk and evade the early termination fee from AT&T! But man you could do like everyone else and sell that sim for 100$ or so and just order you one from net10 it takes like 3 days to get it! That's just a option lol!!! Keep me posted and if you need help with the data or mms let me know!
    06-30-2013 03:51 PM
  5. Matt8200's Avatar
    Does anyone know if Personal Hotspot is enabled on iPhones with Net10 without it being jailbroken? I use a jailbroken iPhone 5 with Net10 and would like to upgrade to iOS7 but don't want to do so if it will cause me to lose Personal Hotspot.
    09-18-2013 10:03 AM
  6. parker5011's Avatar
    From what I have noticed it will take the hotspot away.
    09-19-2013 12:47 AM
  7. wayjazzy's Avatar
    The hotspot and the VVM go away.
    03-08-2015 11:51 PM

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