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    I am visiting New York next week and I would like to remain always connected during my stay. So I intend to grab me one of those prepaid data SIM cards.
    I currently own an unlocked global/european iPhone 5, an iPad 3 with 4G and the global version of HTC One, which does not support any of the US LTE carriers. Also as far as I know there isn't any carrier that offers prepaid LTE data, so HSPA+ is probably the best I am looking for. That's fine, but if there is an option to get prepaid LTE I'd gladly go for it.
    So what is my best option for data, I think 1gb of data will be perfectly sufficient for my needs? I intend to keep the SIM in my iPad.

    Thanks for your help.

    Disclaimer: I cross posted this in the AC forums as well.
    05-25-2013 05:20 AM
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    i would just like to point out i was reading in the paper about using internet abroad and this lady was away on holiday and she was using her laptop to surf the web with her dongle and everything was working fine and when she came home and everything was fine until she had the bill that came through the door with a bill for 4500 pounds because she was paying a really high charge because it was going through several networks and it cost loads of money too do it and she had to fight to let her off with paying the money because she never had the money to pay the bill so she was luckly to get out off with the bill because she never knew that it was such a high premium to use the internet in some countries
    i hope that i don't put you off with using the internet abroad but i would be really carefully because you can be charged a heavy fee which you might have to pay when you get home i would check with your carrier before you go away on holiday

    hope it helps


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    05-25-2013 10:31 AM
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    Pommie82 that's why one buys an unlocked phone. To stick in a local SIM card when abroad and use it without having to pay for data roaming.

    Europeans are used to it, when we travel we mostly travel abroad. And while roaming costs are getting smaller every year, thanks to a ruling of the EU, data still isn't as cheap as available via local prepaid cards. So I own prepaid data SIMs for all the EU countries I visit on a regular base. It only costs cca 20 for 1 Gb, whereas my carrier offers 100 Mb for 25. Takes no genius to do the math.

    This is why I want to buy a US SIM card with prepaid data.
    05-25-2013 10:43 AM

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