1. turdsamich's Avatar
    I just preordered my iphone 5 on sprint and its my first iphone so I have a few questions regarding the hotspot feature. I am going to assume that Sprint is going to want to charge me $30 a month or whatever it is for the hotspot feature, so is there any way to use the built in hotspot using the unlimited data or am I going to have to jailbreak and download one of the tethering apps?

    I am coming from wp7 and while internet sharing was never officially enabled by sprint I had it enabled on my phone through a ROM and used up to 45 GB a month at a time and never heard a complaint from sprint. Obviously I think it is asinine to pay $30 a month for hotspot when I have unlimited data, so which is the best tethering app for the iphone?
    09-19-2012 05:04 PM
  2. ups925's Avatar
    You can jailbreak and find one incydia. I read about att sending threatening letters to people tethering and even saying they would change their plan to a "compatible" one. I onlyget 50kbs via 3g on sprint. Hopefully your area has lte if you plan to keep using so much data. I think the cydia app is 10$ or something. Your also going to be without tethering for a while since a ip5 jailbreak probably wont be out for a number of months.
    09-19-2012 10:00 PM
  3. turdsamich's Avatar
    Thanks for the response, so I guess that means there arent any free tethering apps available and not a way to hack the hotspot functionality to hide it from sprint?
    09-26-2012 10:05 AM
  4. goodevening's Avatar
    There are no free tethering apps in the app store and the only way that I know of to hack the hot spot would be to possibly jail break it.
    10-03-2012 09:40 AM