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    On MacRumors there seems to be a few people with additional "line access" charges on their e-mail confirmation (ordered through Verizon). Anyone have this on their family share plan? Particularly those who already have a Family Share plan and have received bills on it.

    For example, the 2 iPhones:

    $40 iPhone line access
    $40 iPhone (#2) line access
    $70 4gb Family Share

    Total is $150

    Some have gotten their confirmation emails with an additional $20/line, so total is $190. Does this seem legit? Is it maybe a technical error? They've contacted Verizon and been told that the only way to check it is when the phones are received (probably because there's likely no info in there yet if you're porting numbers to VZW) This is what I'm doing, and if there's an extra $20-40 on there like that (in addition to the taxes, etc., that are added), I'll port back to AT&T. My confirmation email didn't have it, just showed the $150, so there's some concern.

    If you're interested, the thread is here.
    09-15-2012 07:07 AM