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    iPhone 5 Coming Soon • About Us • Bluegrass Cellular

    My local carrier which just built LTE but has no LTE phones. I didn't think it was mere coincidence they get it lit up last month and they already offered the iphone 4S.

    This is a rural carrier (cdma) in partnership with Verizon in their LTE program located in central KY. Each can roam on the other's LTE. It's a solid network here. I'm sure it's the cdma iphone 5 but no idea yet if it can be purchased at apple store or any other details. It's definitely an option for me over verizon given I can port my ATT cellphone number. I'm not likely to see LTE from AT&T for a long time..
    09-13-2012 04:54 AM
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    I'm just checking on plans. They seem to be of the older AT&T variety. Voice mins + 30 dollar data plan + 30 family SMS. Voice mins would be a concern if no unlimited to any cellphone. So would any FAN discount i currently would have with any of the big national carriers. I actually looked forward to a data sharing plan from one of the big two.

    Then there's things like tethering, facetime over cellular, if the phone is tied to this carrier (thinking resell value), if it can be swapped at apple store for support later, etc.
    09-13-2012 05:20 AM
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    A week prior to the 28th, they switched the date to "coming soon." It's still that way currently.

    I'm currently roaming off them with a Verizon iphone 5 with great LTE speeds. But what a massive fail on their part not to be able to capitalize on their LTE investment and grab AT&T customers (since AT&T doesn't have LTE here and probably won't for a few years). I'm sure it's no coincidence they got it all lit up in time for the iphone 5.

    Hopefully Verizon just purchases Bluegrass up.
    10-07-2012 11:00 AM