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    I currently have a CradlePoint PHS300 router and it works fine with both 3G and 4G (HSPA+). I currently have a 4G modem but want to upgrade to a 4G HSPA+/LTE modem on the AT&T network, likely the Momentum. Unfortunately the PHS300 does not support LTE modem and only supports HSPA+ for 4G. For this reason I need to upgrade to a new wireless router.

    I have spoken with CradlePoint about their routers and they have the CTR35 among others but the only problem is none of their current routers have a battery. This is important for me. I use the router when I'm traveling or either at the home or office when there's an internet outage. During both of these situations there's time I'm either not near an electrical outlet or there's also a power outage. For this reason the battery is important. I can use the 4G modem directly in my MacBook Pro but I like having the router since instead of buying a 4G iPad I bought a WiFi only wifi so this is my way of having internet on the go.

    After speaking with CradlePoint about this they also informed me that a company, Tekkeon, makes the PowerAll which may suit my purposes. It seems to be an external power supply which is nice but also is more bulky carrying around than a router with an internal battery.

    Does anyone know of any other external power options that may be more compact?

    Most of all, does anyone of another company besides CradlePoint that makes routers that work with USB modems that would have a battery backup?

    Or are there even 4G LTE modems that work as hotspots.

    Thank you for your help.
    03-22-2012 03:39 AM