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    AT&T has justified its throttling rules for unlimited-plan customers by saying it was only targeting its top 5 percent of bandwidth users. Validas, a company that steps consumers through choosing data plans, examined over 55,000 cell phone bills from 2011 that consumers provided from their various carriers. It found that the top 5 percent of AT&T's unlimited-data customers targeted for throttling aren't the data hogs AT&T is making them out to be.

    AT&T has said it would throttle, or slow down the data traffic speed, for any unlimited plan holder who uses more than 2GB per month. That's supposed to only affect the heaviest, top 5 percent of data users on unlimited plans, not those with tiered plans, which are now the only kind available to new customers.

    Story found here: Study Shoots Holes In AT&T's Reasons for Throttling | PCWorld Business Center

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    Exxxxactly! Thanks Rose!
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    Can't wait to see how AT&T responds to this study....

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