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    I'm unsure is this is just an area problem or what.
    But lately a few iPhone users around me, i being one of them, have been having some major issues with our phones.
    I like in the Ogden, Utah area (although its highly unlikely anyone is near me).

    Our problems are the following:
    Siri isn't working (for the 4S users)
    iMessages won't work, the text take a minute or two until it decides that it can't send and sends it as a regular (Green) text.
    Data is extremely slow, if it works at all. Facebook takes forever to load, dolphin (browser) says it can't connect. etc.
    Calls sometimes don't work at all, you start up the call and it just sits at "calling". You never even hear a ring.
    People who call us don't get pushed to our voicemail when we can't make calls. I was told by a few people that it just said I don't have voicemail.

    Personally I've had a few other things occur, like the phone takes forever to recognize I've tapped a letter on the text screen. When entering my password to get into the phone, the right side of the screen wont even recognize my attempts to push the number.

    One of our friends said he restored and hasn't had any problems. So that is what I'm doing currently.
    I originally thought it was a 4S problem, but my bosses are the ones who originally had this problem and they both have the iPhone 4.

    Anyone else been having any issues like this?
    01-06-2012 02:11 PM