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    I have searched this on Google. I have gotten a couple of answers here and there but I feel like the TiPb folks can give me a better, straighter answer.

    My friend and I went on a Sprint family plan. We have completely new numbers. However, she's been getting those BREW text messages on a daily basis and I'm wondering if just texting 'STOP' or something will stop it. Apparently it's not spam, but in my opinion I wouldn't reply until I had all the facts.

    How can she get rid of this? Thanks.

    I didn't know where else this would go, but we're on Sprint now so here we are.
    11-02-2011 10:08 AM
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    From what I remember, they're from the way the Sprint mobile client pushes emails to your phone, it worked on her old phone, so she didn't get these alerts, but now there's an error, so she's getting these.

    The way I got them to stop, when I switched from my old Palm Treo to a Palm Pre was by going back into my old phone and disabling the email.

    There is no stop, or end that works. You can also just go into your Sprint account and block texts from the short code, which used to be 9114, but I'm not certain it's still the same, since it's been awhile since I've dealt with it.

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    11-02-2011 08:00 PM
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    Thank you very much. I don't actually think she ever wiped her old iPhone, which was on AT&T, but she had canceled the account already. Sounds like data conflict.
    11-02-2011 09:43 PM