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    Check your Sprint account online now.

    I checked mine and found a $99 charge on my account due tomorrow. There were no details what the $99 was for. Just $99 due on 10/17. My monthly bill was already paid on 10/7, so that's not it. I bought my iPhone 4S at the Apple store on Friday and paid for Apple care at the store. I have my receipt to prove it. I've taken a photo of the receipt and e-mailed it to myself for documentation.

    So, I called Sprint and was told by the rep on the phone that the $99 was in fact an "Applecare" charge due tomorrow, which I didn't request at all from Sprint. My contention was that they cannot bill me for something I didn't request or purchase from them for a service they aren't going to provide (Apple provides the Applecare service, not Sprint.) I indicated that I'm not paying this $99 Applecare charge to Sprint when I've already paid for it through Apple at the Apple store. The rep told me that I had to go back to the Apple Store to get it dealt with but I stuck to my guns on the fact that i paid the Apple Store for Apple care, that the Apple store isn't billing me $99 for Apple care (Sprint is trying to) and that this problem exists in my SPRINT ACCOUNT, which is not an APPLE ISSUE. I had him forward me to his Supervisor, who was happy to remove the Applecare charge for my account. I indicated to him that I had proof of Applecare purchase and offered to provide him with that proof, but he indicated that would not be necessary.

    So he took the Applecare $99 charge off, and that should reflect in my account in 24 hours, which I will definitely check for that and call them back if it isn't gone.

    This is one of the reasons why I went to the Apple Store in the first place. Buy the phone from the manufacturer as well as the warranty service provided by the manufacturer. I probably am not the only Sprint iPhone customer that this has happened to, so do yourself a favor and just check your Sprint account online to make sure Sprint didn't surreptitiously charge you for Applecare and expect you to pay it. It isn't clear to me why they'd charge anyone for Applecare, since Sprint doesn't provide the service. Apple does. It's a bit disturbing that even this Sprint Supervisor couldn't tell me why this Applecare charge appeared on my account in the first place. This is why I always check my accounts online to insure that some automated program isn't screwing things up.

    Check and make sure Sprint didn't do this to you too.
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    And you're positive it wasn't Apple who added it, how?

    I've had several mistakes happen while ordering through Apple.
    10-16-2011 04:41 PM
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    And you're positive it wasn't Apple who added it, how?

    I've had several mistakes happen while ordering through Apple.


    That is why Sprint reps were at the Apple store to ADD the new iPhones to SPRINT customer accounts BEFORE the purchase of the iPhone and Applecare, which was handled by APPLE EMPLOYEES and billed through APPLE SYSTEMS AFTER Sprint. I clearly stated above that this occurred in my SPRINT account, not my Apple Store account. So this was a SPRINT problem with my SPRINT account that was rectified by Sprint. Proof? SPRINT removed the charge that THEY somehow placed in my SPRINT account. Not something APPLE can do. Apple doesn't have access to Sprint systems to mess with accounts. Sprint made an error that they corrected.

    I recommend all new Sprint iPhone users check their Sprint accounts online just in case this has happened to you. It may have. It may not have, but wouldn't you rather know for certain? I would.
    10-16-2011 06:16 PM