1. Crystalftw's Avatar
    My husband isn't elligible for his 2 year until April of next year, but I'd rly like for us to both get new phones this Friday, not to mention his phone is taking a dump on him. He tried calling the reps today, but they wouldn't budge. What is crazy is just a few months ago when at best buy the rep offered him an override so he could get the 2 year price... He is going to be on deployment in April and I'm not about to ship a new iphone to him as the rep suggested.
    Tips? Any reps able to hook it up? =P
    10-13-2011 12:07 AM
  2. xlipstickandbruisesx's Avatar
    I will start off by saying it all depends on who you get on the phone with Sprint is what you're going to accomplished. With that out of the way I don't think Best Buy employees are able to do that but since he said he could we will go with that and the keyword would be a few months ago. If you owned a business and all of a sudden you had a rush of calls of people that now had issues with their item because something new and better was coming out you would think it was fishy and 99% of people would say no automatically. If your true reason for wanting to upgrade is because his phone is going down hill take it to a repair store and they can usually fix it for a small fee and if you have insurance it is usually free. If you want to upgrade because you can't wait to get him an iPhone no offense but I'd say oh well and deal like everybody else that wants one and that is not eligible for an upgrade and either can't or wont pay retail. You can keep trying and see if you will get somebody that will do it for you but odds are you're out of luck on the upgrade price. Another option would be you guys can cancel the line and pay the ETF and then open a new line or just open a 3rd line and then put the iPhone on his line and his old phone or dumb phone on the other line. Good luck and I hope he has a safe deployment.
    10-13-2011 04:02 AM