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    If you notice on your "Device Reservation" page there is a "Position: (number goes here)".

    That number does not reflect any position/chance you have to get your iPhone 4S you pre-ordered. All it does is just tell Rogers you pre-ordered a device and show you are on file (so when you go into Rogers they know you pre-ordered). The number will always continue to go down (either people cancel their device reservation or rogers just updates it as they ship them out).

    When you pre-order a device a $40 (+ taxes) refundable reservation fee will be applied to hold the device. It will be shipped to the location of your choice and Rogers let you know when it arrives.

    You can cancel your "Device Reservation" at anytime. When your iPhone gets delivered to the store you set it to goto, I don't know if Rogers will contact you but you can still go line up for your iPhone as it is a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED type of pre-order. They will have a certain amount of pre-ordered devices and regular stocked for people who did not pre-order (public). Anybody can line up or choose not too, it does not matter as it is based on "first come, first served". You do not have to wait until your number goes down to 1 or anything, the Rogers Representative said that it does not matter what number you are at, it just matters whenever you come in to get your device and if they have it in stock.

    Below is types Status' that Rogers may put on your Device Reservation page right below your "Position".

    Types of Status':
    If your status is "open, your reservation has been made and we are awaiting product from our supplier. At this time you can change your pick-up location, contact email address or cancel your reservation.

    If your status is "cancelled, your reservation has been cancelled and your reservation fee will be credited back to your account.

    If your status is "in progress, we have begun the shipment process and you will not be able to edit or cancel your reservation any longer. The next email you will get will be the one that confirms shipment to the store you chose.

    If your status is "shipped" your device has left our warehouse and is on its way to the store you chose.
    10-11-2011 09:28 PM