1. OlegWasHere's Avatar
    When i was preordering my iPhone today the guy at the bestbuy mobile store mentioned that since im getting an at&t upgrade phone(no contract) that it would be 200$ cheaper then retail (im upgrading from an iphone4) so instead of 900 id only have to pay 700

    Any truth to this?
    when i actually preorderd at the retail store because they had less preorders for some reason the girl knew nothing of this.

    Is this the truth or a hoax?
    10-09-2011 03:12 PM
  2. OlegWasHere's Avatar
    So I called at&t and they said that their systems do do that so the 16gb retail is 600 it would be 400 if i put it on another line while extending to. 2 year contract. So in the jist it's a new 2 year contract (not 4 because of extending) for 200 dollars less then retail on all models

    Hope this helps someone else
    And hopefully bestbuy holds up their end of the deal
    10-09-2011 04:44 PM