1. Stupidkid's Avatar
    Evening Everyone, I am visiting some friends in arizona for a week, and would like to have a number they can contact me at if we need to make plans, my carrier in canada told me I'll end up paying upwards of $500 if I use my phone well Im there

    Does AT & T offer Data Plans / Text plans on a pay as you go? Or just a 1 month plan for iPhone 4?

    Also, whats the best At & T data plan to get for a iPad 2 if Im only visiting for a week?

    Thank You in Advance,
    07-24-2011 10:46 PM
  2. Peligro911's Avatar
    They don't offer pre paid for iPhone there has been some people that have got prepaid working with JB and unlocking and some configuring but prob not worth your time for just one week .. Your best bet if you need a phone why your there is too buy a cheap prepaid like a go phone or another carriers seen them as cheap as 20 bucks will serve your purpose they also sell prepaid mifi that create a wifi hot spot u could connect too that to get mobile data on your iPad check your closest walmart they seem to have a good selection
    07-24-2011 11:45 PM