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What's my iPhone worth?
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    Going on holiday this year with my iPhone for the first time, and wondering if anyone has tried Abroadband?

    My abroadband - online bill, coast manager & payment options -

    0.59 euros per meg....although not yet found out the call rates - not that I call much but it's nice to have that there, you know, on a phone.

    Seems much more reasonable than thte 3+ per meg that O2 want to charge me: International - O2

    Although I am going to have to unlock my phone first, but I've already jailbroken so it should be fairly simple, right?

    Edit: on second thoughts, as I have jailbroken I may as well just get a PAYG Uk SIM with a good int data rate? Non? That way I can't overspend.
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