1. wickedxworld's Avatar
    So come January I'm going to be switching to ATT and getting an iphone. Does apple/att allow you to upgrade your iphone to a newer model whenever one comes out? Or do you have to wait until the contract is up...like with VZ. If a new model comes out in the summer I would be very upset if I have to wait two years for it.

    12-13-2010 02:49 PM
  2. ChrisGonzales90's Avatar
    Generally you will have to pay full price for it, and its pretty much the same case across the big 4.
    12-13-2010 03:48 PM
  3. Totalimmortal363's Avatar
    Wrong. iPhone customers are allowed early upgrades almost immediatly after doing a standard upgrade. While its not the full discount, its not full price either.
    12-15-2010 11:17 AM
  4. wickedxworld's Avatar
    Thanks so much for the response. I was confused people and an employee at the Apple store keep telling me different things.
    12-16-2010 02:17 PM
  5. Nycegye's Avatar
    I've also been exposed to a lot of different things. Thanks
    12-23-2010 10:40 AM