1. dtungate's Avatar
    Does any of the iPhones get a better signal than your average AT&T phone? (aside from the iPhone 4 grip problems)
    10-17-2010 06:00 PM
  2. o2sys's Avatar
    I don't think so based on my personal experience...if anything voice quality is a bit lower than let's say...a Blackberry
    11-11-2010 02:44 PM
  3. mcskeeto's Avatar
    Don't know about the average phone, but I upgraded to an iphone 4 earlier this year from a blackberry 9700. I had it for 3 weeks and had such poor signal in multiple areas in my town compared to the 9700. The phones were both on ATT. I exchanged phones as well and it still had the reception issues. I quizzed some folks at work and they had the same experience when they switched from their BB's to the iphone (3gs and 4 versions). That coupled with the horrible battery life made me switch back to my 9700. I thought the phone was incredibly cool though and would have kept it if the reception issue was not a problem and if there was a way to easily switch batteries like in most other phones. I am waiting for the Verizon iphone and may switch carriers and give the iphone one more shot.
    01-09-2011 01:57 AM