1. xtundrasx's Avatar
    My band has been on tour for 2 months, circling all over the country. I have never had problems with my usage before, never received any notices and I've been under my girlfriends contract since April 2009.

    I'm currently in Wyoming, and I woke up this morning to frantic texts and forwarded e-mails from her about my excessive Off Network usage. I called a rep, he explained it a little bit to me, and told me since I'm not usually in this area, I shouldn't worry. I did my own research on this site (and others) learning about contracts stating that using a certain amount of off network data (concensus is about 6MB max) is in violation of your contract and can force to be terminated. New contracts apparently just charge the customer now (average charge for iPhone users has been $1,000-1,500 according to one claim).

    So, here's my beef, and maybe folks here can explain this to me: My network name has never changed, it always says AT&T. When I'm not hitting towers it naturally goes to No Service. Apparently if you get flagged, AT&T enables an option to your iPhone that says "Off Network" when you're not on their towers. First off, why is this never the case in the first place? Many other claims have stated that their network name never changed when they were apparently using other towers and not knowing it. Previous phones I've owned when I've been on tour have shown what tower/network I'm using when I'm not on mine, yet the ridiculously advanced iPhone 4 doesn't?

    So how am I supposed to know when I'm using a partner tower? And how can I be in violation of my contract when I'm unknowingly doing something I'm not supposed to? Furthermore, my phone has always had the Data Roaming option turned off. It's NEVER been enabled. So, how am I'm using excess off network data, when my phone should specifically not be using it anyways? Previous phones I've owned when I've been on tour didn't use data, or allow me to use my phone at all, when roaming services were disabled in my phones settings.

    It feels like there are a lot of holes in all of this, as none of it makes any logical sense to me. Anyone want to chime in with ideas, answers, hypothesis? I shouldn't be threatened with possible account termination when I don't know that I'm violating their usage in the first place, especially when my phones settings specifically shouldn't let me violate their usage.
    10-04-2010 12:15 PM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    If you had the data on roaming off you will not use any data. At least that is how it should work. I'd recommend you call AT&T back and dispute any extra charges and explain to them the whole situation.
    10-11-2010 12:40 PM