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    This might be a little long winded but I just had to tell this story.

    For as long as I remember (5 years with ATT) there is a section of "Alligator Alley" on I-75 in Florida where there was a coverage gap of about 20 miles. Might not sound like huge deal to some but if you frequent this stretch of highway as I do, approximately 3-4 times a week. Its huge, especially if you are on an important call or even worse break down, you'd be up a creek.

    Rewind to August of last year. I got my iPhone 3GS (have since upgraded to iPhone 4) and at some point, honestly I can't even remember when, AT&T release the "Mark the Spot App" that lets you report dropped calls and other connectivity issues. So I installed used it pretty sparingly. Then one day as I was driving the 100+ mile journey I decide, I might as well use this app to report the issue. So for about 2 months straight driving that 100+ mile journey 3-4 times per week, I would use report my coverage issues during that 20 mile stretch at EVERY MILE MARKER. Then about 2 months ago, I got a text from AT&T, thanking me for reporting my issues and that during the next 60-90 days the issue would be fixed. I'm thinking yeah sure, they must just send that to everyone. I stop using the app thinking it was useless.

    Fast forward to Tuesday, I'm headed back over and get the area where I usually have No Service for 20 miles (I just passed through the day before) and what do you know 3G, 5 bars!! I quickly make a call to make sure my eyes aren't fooling with me and it works, I would have been happy with EDGE, and then another section that use to be EDGE only is also 3G now!!

    I'd like to think that I was solely responsible for sending hundreds of notifications to ATT about the coverage issue and they listened to me, but that might be me think too highly of myself. But whatever, I am happy that now after 5+ years I have complete coverage on my most frequently traveled highway.
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