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    Hello everyone,

    I live in The Netherlands and well, since today (8 AM, so about 3 hours ago) we can 'reserve' an iPhone 4 over here with the official carrier T-Mobile (onliest official iPhone carrier over here). Now the problem is, it seems Apple will just send a few hunderd iPhone 4s on launch day. Already thousands of reservations are placed, but of these thousands just a few hunderd people will get an iPhone 4. The other iPhone 4s ships in 6 to 8 weeks!!!

    I should note these thousands of reservations are placed in just 3 hours, and that's only T-Mobile customers. Others who want an iPhone, but are not a T-Mobile customer yet, can reserve tomorrow! I feel it's ridicilous Apple gives a 30th of July launch while they can not ship enough, and that thousands of people have to wait 2 full months!

    Even worse, white iPhones will only ship in 10 weeks in limited quantities over here but yet you have to reserve now, otherwise it's gonna be like 12-16 weeks.

    Pff, this is just ridicilous. How is it going in countries like Canada? Also similar problems?

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