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    The only way I'll drop my unlimited data, is if I consistty go under 2gb/month for a period of time. Seeing as how right now half way through the month, I am at 1.2 gb I probably wont be on the 2gb plan anytime soon!
    You may find one good iphone utility to keep track of your data usage - it will even alert you once limit is exceeded.
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    That is interesting. I am curious, however, if anyone that did give up the unlimited plan regrets it. Perhaps due to unexpected higher data usage on the iP4. Anyone have regrets? I kept my unlimited, but I have a feeling I will soon switch to 2GB or even 200mb (despite getting 20% off of unlimited or 2Gb, and not 200mb).
    If you're still monitoring, do you still feel this way?

    I am paying $30 a month for unlimited and $25 for my iPad data plan. I am thinking of switching to the 4GB Hotspot plan (saving $10 a month) and using that for data for my iPad. I never go over 1GB on either device.

    My only question is how well the Hotspot works?
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