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    I've done some quick browsing around about this, and thought I'd bring this up here. I've been with AT&T for the most of my cellular life, but I've done some carrier hopping and cancelling. I just signed up again for the long hall with AT&T in November, getting an iPhone 3GS, since selling it and ending up buying a BlackBerry 9700 at an early upgrade discount. (I got at least $150 off the full, no discount price)

    I didn't plan on going back to iPhone, but I have so many apps I paid for, and so many that I'd like to use again (no other app-capable iDevice). Not to mention, going back and watching all the iPhone release conferences and getting hyped -- I've been saying tomorrow will be the beginning of the rest of my life! Yeah, I know.

    Anyhow! I'm in no position for even a small early upgrade discount. I got the text that "we can offer you a discounted iPhone at a higher price..." but based on the fact that I was at AT&T getting an early upgrade two months ago, this will be a high, almost exactly FULL price for the 4G iPhone.

    Since I'm determined, and ETF's never scared me, with AT&T -- would I get the new iPhone at the 2-year plan discount price if I ADD it as a third line to my two person family plan, then cancel my BlackBerry 9700 line?

    Based on the price of the new iPhone, I'll probably be looking at cancelling my line anyhow, then getting the new contract price -- but I just had this thought, hoping the "add a line" route would get me the discount new customers will get.

    Thanks for your help!
    06-06-2010 07:34 PM
  2. iPhoneDon797's Avatar
    Either way, thats a lot of money to cough up. I know the early upgrade price for the 3GS is $200 more than the discounted price. (ie the 16 GB 3GS normally $199 would be $399) Thats at least what AT&T site is telling me. Apple hasn't mentioned the pricing on the new 4th gen iPhones yet. I personally think the new iPhones will be a bit more expensive. The new high res screen can't be cheap.
    06-06-2010 08:31 PM
  3. omenboy's Avatar
    $399 would be alright. I've checked my pricing in my account online, too.

    I'm just crossing my fingers the new one will fit into the price figures of the currently "newest" 3GS. Then, if they want $399 for the "early upgrade", I'll take it, without cancelling my account. But there's the possibility that it won't be as cheap as $199 to begin with, or a ridiculous price for non-eligible upgrade customers of $500-$700. If it's $600 for example, I might as well leave for $175 then buy the phone at discount pricing.

    Still, my question is, do you get a full discount when adding a line as opposed to opening a new account?
    06-06-2010 08:56 PM
  4. tombouch#IM's Avatar
    Adding a line is just like getting new service. You do get the same price.
    06-08-2010 06:40 AM