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    I am incredibly surprised that the tech analysts aren't giving AT&T more hell for this bait and switch. I kinda wish these threads hadn't been merged because now here, like so many places, people are talking about iPhone usage much more than iPad usage. This is quite a blow for device that just debuted - which I guess now applies to the iPhone 4 device to a degree but the iPad was announced with this plan and now it is not available to anyone who didn't get the device within the first 30 days.

    This is incredibly dirty pool. I hope AT&T's Facebook page is still on fire with critics.

    In fact, I think I'll drop by there, right now.
    Does AT&T ever read it? Any evidence that they care?
    06-12-2010 03:04 PM
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    The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly beginning a formal investigation into Apple's decision to block out certain software from its iOS (previously known as iPhone OS) and whether it qualifies as an antitrust violation.
    06-12-2010 08:56 PM
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    the most ive ever used was just above 200mb :P guess im gonna save some cash . I for one thing the new data plans are great. heck my mom is even upgrading to the new iphone 4 because of it
    06-13-2010 12:01 AM
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    This happens to coincide with them allowing Skype to work over their 3G network. I think that they could be worried that VOIP will take away from their voice revenue. Why not just give the option for people who want to use VOIP to have an additional charge?

    The real problem is that they are the only provider for the iPad at this point. If you could get a data plan from Verizon, sprint, or t-mobile the AT&T crackdown wouldn't be such a big thing.
    In the sixties an AT&T executive told me that data would never be a significant market. They do not have a good record for "the vision thing." On the other hand, if they do not see VoIP coming, they are in denial. The cost of voice telephony to the consumer has been dropping for two generations, since the Carter-Phone decision.

    AT&T needs a new business model. If they continue to defend the old model, they will pursue it into oblivion. There are some feeble signs that they are trying, at least on the wireless side. They seem to understand that all voice telephony will be digital and wireless. They do not seem to know how to value it or price it.

    On the other hand, pricing and rationing the Micro-cell and restricting its use to a location and to registered handsets, suggests that they do not get it. Attempting to surcharge applications that they think compete with their POTS business model will simply drive subscribers to competitors.

    AT&T just does not get it.
    06-13-2010 09:44 AM
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    As an avid iPhone fan, I tend not to look at the bad in AT&T or Apple, but look at the positive and enjoy what they have given us iPhone users. Even though I currently have the unlimited plan, and hope to keep it, I am miffed about the cap on data usage. One point to make is, who is paying for the data that is piped to our phones by advertisers? It seems to me that the advertising that gets pushed to our phones (banners in games and web sites), should not be counted in the data that is sent to our phones. Another option would be to collect credits for looking at the ads. With all that is coming down the pike with mobile devices, the 2 gig cap will surely not be enough. Bottom line is that you cant fight city hall. Dont waste time blogging about it. Send a message to where it matters; Stop using their network and iPhone. If enough people are that mad at it, and they put their money were your mouths are, they may see results. The only way corporations will listen is when you hit their pocket book. Start a boycott of Ma Bell. Switch to an HTC. And if Verizon is so good, go there and you should never have any complaints again. For meI just dont sweat it. The iPhone is the best that I have had, hands down. So I get a dropped call every once in awhile. Im not a doctor and my patients wont die because of it. Just remember what you had before the iPhone! Now that period of time SUCKED!
    06-14-2010 08:19 AM
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    Don't really care- I know that when I used an iPhone, I used less than 2gb/month... because the phone was in "no service" status for 1/2 of the time!

    I kid, I kid! Well, not really. Where I live, nobody will ever go above 2gb. It's technically impossible since you're never on the network for more than 10min at a time with a generous break in between.
    06-14-2010 10:30 AM
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