1. Mike4391's Avatar
    My friend has an iPhone that he unlocked and was using with T-Mobile after switching from AT&T. He still has warranty on it and wants to return it because the lower portion of the screen is unresponsive and the battery life is bad. He restored it on iTunes so it's locked to AT&T again. How can he send it back without an AT&T SIM card?
    01-26-2010 12:22 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Odd, does he still have an AT&T account, or did he port his number to T-Mobile? He might have to just bring it into a shop. Plus, I didn't think you could get a refund after 14, or is it 30 days...
    01-26-2010 12:25 PM
  3. Mike4391's Avatar
    No, he ported his number to T-Mobile, I think he wants to exchange it for a new one since he has warranty on it. Where could he take his phone to to get it fixed? Is there anything that can be done about the battery?
    01-26-2010 12:29 PM
  4. flyingember's Avatar
    He can only return it if he's in the first 30 days and has service with AT&T

    Apple will only replace the phone in the first year, not fix it and I believe it has to be non-user caused hardware damage to get it replaced.

    Call Apple about an exchange.
    01-27-2010 09:21 PM
  5. Mike4391's Avatar
    I THINK he might still be in the first year with it but I could be wrong, I'd have to ask him, what he said was that he had warranty on the phone still, so I don't know, but they would be able to replace it? IF they CAN replace it, should he restore it to the original locked-to-AT&T software before sending it out or returning it or whatever?
    01-28-2010 11:07 AM