1. Pr3mier's Avatar
    As the title says, I have no 3G service AGAIN here in eastern New Orleans, LA. My gf also does not have 3G in the city south of here.

    Is the iPhone that great of a phone to put up with this BS?
    AT&T can make all the commercials they want, but a faster internet experience and with talk & surf will not work if the service is unreliable to begin with.

    Maybe I'll try to call retentions and get a discount
    01-13-2010 10:47 AM
  2. c_rader's Avatar
    American Telephone & Telegraph.
    that's right; telegraph. the've been around for so long, they believe that they can do what they want.
    01-17-2010 09:44 AM
  3. flyingember's Avatar
    call AT&T. we can't help with carrier issues
    01-19-2010 10:48 AM
  4. Amonkerry's Avatar
    quad band makes phone work with all GSM network..
    02-03-2010 01:17 AM
  5. whmurray's Avatar
    Welcome to the "steaming pile of failure." New Orleans? How about Los Angeles? Would you believe EDGE in LAX? Fortunately for me, I had my Verizon MiFi for backup. Needless to say, Verizon had 3G in the same spot where AT&T did not. But an international airport in a major city? Give me a break.

    Remember Cingular? No 3G. They got what little 3G coverage they have when they merged with AT&T Wireless. The merged companies retained the AT&T name but it is the old Cingular, no 3G, management that runs things.

    Not to worry, they are promising 3G in Vermont, for all the cows that use iPhones. On New Years day I drove the length of the state on I91. I saw 3G for a mile or two in White River Junction (those who know the road understqnd that the 3G cell is really in New Hampshire).

    The end of the month I will go to SF. Last year there was not enough data, EDGE or 3G, to download a big page. We will see if they have gotten better in a year. In April I will go to New Orleans, mostly west. I will give a report.
    02-03-2010 10:49 AM
  6. secretagentdan's Avatar
    Man this sucks i'm going to be there all weekend partying for the superbowl...no 3g??
    02-04-2010 01:26 AM
  7. Alli's Avatar
    I'm sure it's back. There was good 3G there last month when I went to the Apple store.
    02-04-2010 06:01 AM
  8. whmurray's Avatar
    Man this sucks i'm going to be there all weekend partying for the superbowl...no 3g??
    I suspect that this problem is localized to the eastern part of the city where the Katrina damage was the worst. I have been to New Orleans three or four times since Katrina and do not remember not having 3G.
    02-04-2010 07:03 AM