1. shaniac's Avatar
    I am using a iphone 3g and when I go to my place on the river I loose signal to my phone. My friends up there use sprint and t-mobile, they get service just fine. I use ATT which may be my problem. I rember back in the day our phones would jump to and use any tower you were close to. Are those days gone now? Is there a way to force my Iphone to use those other towers? I tried to switch the 3g off then did a reboot,didnt help. I also turned the data roaming on and that didnt help either. Will JB help with that at all?
    01-04-2010 06:43 AM
  2. sting7k's Avatar
    Turn off 3G and see if it picks up EDGE. Don't reset it or turn on data roaming. If it doesn't pick up EDGE or GPRS you might be out of luck. I don't know if AT&T has a roaming agreement with Tmobile anymore. If you are roaming there will be a triangle in the info bar at the top of the screen.
    01-04-2010 07:08 PM
  3. flyingember's Avatar
    just so you know, jailbreaking has nothing to do with your cellular signal.
    01-08-2010 09:50 AM