1. modset's Avatar
    If I switched from my iphone to a phone that doesn't require a data package in the middle of a billing cycle? Will I be charged per megabyte used on my iphone, or will they prorate it? I am cutting costs for the next couple of months and I purchased a dumb phone and switched my sim card to it. Also, how do I go about changing my plan to just a voice plan? Thanks in advance!
    12-10-2009 05:25 PM
  2. Brickman's Avatar
    It should be prorated. Things can sometimes get a little weird when you change your plan in the middle of a billing cycle but you can do it.

    If it were me, I would go into my local AT&T store and get face-to-face with a customer rep. In my experience I tend to get what I want and am sure that they understand what I want when I am in person, but that is just me.
    12-10-2009 05:31 PM
  3. flyingember's Avatar
    You don't want to remove the data plan until the end of the

    they often lag in recording stuf. Imaging going from unlimited to cost per K and you have 20MB of data charges appear after removing it

    yes, they bill based on what you have on the plan when they bill it, not based on when you use it.
    12-10-2009 09:48 PM