1. shacky's Avatar
    i own a unlocked iphone gs3 i do not know if it will work telus or bell could any body tell me, it has gsm hsdpa will this work on telus or bell hspa thanks
    10-30-2009 10:15 PM
  2. DRTigerlilly's Avatar
    it should work on either once they actually open their hspa networks.
    10-30-2009 10:31 PM
  3. shacky's Avatar
    yes but this one is hsdpa not hspa like telus and bell are they the same
    10-30-2009 10:35 PM
  4. shacky's Avatar
    how do i know my iphone is unlocked
    10-30-2009 11:19 PM
  5. DRTigerlilly's Avatar
    yes they're the same, i guess the only way to know definitively is to put another sim in the device.
    10-30-2009 11:41 PM
  6. DeDubb's Avatar
    I have a Blackberry and a great package with Bell which includes unlimited data.

    After what seems years of waiting it is now possible to use an iphone on their network. Speaking with a rep today I was told that to switch phones I would loose my plan and all the features that it took me a long time to negotiate for.

    Is there anything that would stop me from buying an unlocked iphone and using my existing plan without having a problem? How do I get the sim card and make it work?
    11-04-2009 10:07 PM
  7. DRTigerlilly's Avatar
    considering bell was cdma, i don't know how you'd get them to port your number to their gsm system, you have a battle ahead of you, and i'm sadly not optimistic about you being able to keep your current plan.
    11-04-2009 10:16 PM