1. sting7k's Avatar
    So there I was watching some TV when my iPhone signaled I had a new email via the new push Gmail. To my surprise it was from AT&T, but not that my bill was ready like normal. It was the "AT&T Network News" But it's not just touting general upgrades to their network. It's all about upgrades in MY area. It goes on to say that they have added 52 new cell sites across the DC metro area, MD, and northern VA. They even list several specific sites in high traffic areas and areas with increased/new 3G coverage. In addition to building out the 850Mhz spectrum at sites across the area to increase capacity and building penetration. Finally they announce they have a deal with the DC metro to provide coverage on the subway (formerly Verizon exclusive turf). The 20 busiest stations will have it starting this year and system wide by 2012.

    Is AT&T trying to appease us iPhone users entering the final year on our contracts by giving us the specifics? I must admit over the past year the 3G service around DC and MD has gotten much better.
    09-30-2009 10:19 PM
  2. jamesus's Avatar
    I was recently in DC and I must say that in the past year the coverage is much better. Now if only they would start on downtown Chicago...

    I do think that AT&T caters slightly to iPhone users. We are their bread and butter. We have some of the most expensive plans, and there are more and more joining each day. They also know that those that buy early will want to update, and on a quicker schedule than those who buy other phones.
    10-01-2009 03:25 PM