1. tritan's Avatar
    How do I figure out if my wife or I can get a discount. She works for a hospital and I work local government. I called ATT and they tranferred me to 4 people before my lunch out ran out. Is there a way to check online or a business number to call?
    09-14-2009 05:50 PM
  2. BENGRIMM's Avatar
    Go to your local AT&T store the will have a list there and tell you if you get a discount . It sounds like from you job descriotions you should be , but it might not be AT&T .
    09-15-2009 09:27 AM
  3. SouthernBlendFL's Avatar
    Log on to the ATT Business Center (wireless.att.com/businesscenter/)

    Box on Right Hand Side:
    Find Out if You Qualify For Employee Discounts
    Enter your work email address

    If you qualify you will receive an email at your work address
    09-24-2009 09:35 AM