1. ericchile's Avatar
    Ok so I have a really old account with AT&T. It is a local area account with 350 min and unlimited weekends and nights for $25. It works for me.

    Now I also just got my hands on a 2g iphone that I have unlocked and jail broke.

    What I want to do is slap my sim card in there and just use the wireless and not use the edge features. Can I do this? Or will AT&T change my plan once they detect that I have put my sim card in the phone?

    What can I do to prevent the iphone from using EDGE?

    09-09-2009 05:36 PM
  2. zax#IM's Avatar
    Did you get your 2G phone to work with your old account ?

    I just got an unlocked 2g phone (bought on eBay) and put a working AT&T Wireless "blue" SIM card in. Can make calls on it, but can only receive a call immediately after I have placed a call. Strange. Do I need to do something to change the EDGE settings ? Have read about changing APN=proxy, but thought that was only to enable internet access. I just want to receive phone calls.
    11-13-2009 08:59 PM