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  1. Yodaman123's Avatar
    Hey guys, got a quick question and would be delighted if some knew the official answer.

    So I received a hand me down 3g from my older brother when the 3gs came out because he upgraded and is a tech freak like that. Since I'm already on ATT (but not on his plan) I've been using it by just putting in my sim card from my current LG flip phone.

    I know apple's official stance is an iPhone requires a data plan but is it still true of ones that aren't purchased from them, but given by someone else? I guess it's the same question as if someone bought a standard iphone off ebay.

    I used it fine for awhile, but this morning, I woke up to a text for me to call ATT by Sept regarding my iphone and it not having a data plan. Can they really force me to add a plan even if I didn't buy the phone from them? I'm really thinking of just screwing them and dropping my ATT service since it's not on contract and just unlocking it and moving to T-mobile or other service if they're really that bastardly.

    Or is there some way I can get on the phone with them and convince them to leave me alone and let me use my device in peace?
    08-19-2009 01:30 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Bottom line is on your account to avoid anytype of excess data charges, you should have an iPhone data plan.
    08-19-2009 01:39 AM
  3. Yodaman123's Avatar
    Early on, I downloaded a VPN (i think) profile setting or something that disables the edge so it can't access it and I manually turn off the 3g. Thus I don't get any accidental data charges.

    The thing is, most of the time I use the phone I'm either at home, or at a friend's house or somewhere else with wifi. I'm not much of a social nut so I really wouldn't take advantage of a 30 dollar a month data plan which adds up to 360 bucks a year
    08-19-2009 01:47 AM
  4. GMJeff's Avatar
    The problem is, AT&T doesn't want the iPhones on their network without a data plan. I have heard of one or two people using a iPhone without a data plan, but they had to convince AT&T that they would never use data on the phone except for WiFi. I do believe that AT&T made an exception for them based on their certain condition of the cellular network in their area.

    I was told when I bought my 3GS that AT&T is now performing sweeps on a regular basis and finding the iPhones on their network that do not have data plans, and notifying the users as you have been notified. It is their network and their rules. People like myself pay for the data plan because I use it a lot. More so than my Blackberry plan when I had it.

    As for going to T-Mobile, there was an article out in the past few weeks that stated that T-Mobile was possibly starting to take people off of the Sidekick plans that were being used with unlocked iPhones. The plan included messaging and internet for $1 a day, as they put it. Now, I guess they are going to try and split the messaging and internet to make some more money off of the AT&T users who jump ship. Their network, their rules.

    Besides, you'd be amazed at how much one of these phones can go through data, even without ever starting the safari browser. So many apps use the internet for their content that it even amazes me how I can rack up so much data usage, and not even pay attention to the fact that I am doing it. I feel the data plan is justified for the phone, to fully utilize the device to it's full potential.
    08-19-2009 02:05 AM
  5. chobbs1's Avatar
    So yes. AT&T will charge you. I'd you jump ship your gonna have to learn how to jailbreak and or unlock rhe phone.
    08-19-2009 07:34 AM
  6. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Wow your carriers are harsh over there. I recently called Telus, a carrier over here because one of my friends got an older BB and wanted to switch to it. My friend is older and doesn't use internet, email, etc. So I had to ask if they would be required to add a data plan to the account. The reply was no, they bought the phone themself, not from Telus so they are not required to add a data plan. I have had my 3G which I bought and my GF has my 1gen which I also bought for full price and we both don't need or have data plans. I've talked to Fido as well as my GF and they ask what phone we use but again no mention of requiring us to have a data plan added to our account. If you want to use it without the data plan you will need to JB it and use Bossprefs or SBSettings to turn the 3G and Edge off. If you don't have a data plan it is real expensive.
    08-20-2009 08:48 AM
  7. sting7k's Avatar
    AT&T knows you're using the iPhone, as evident by the text you got from them. They will add the data plan to your account anyway if you don't have it after a certain period of time. They may also be charging you as pay-per-use right now (expensive) until it gets added.

    Advice, just add it now before you get hit with any unexpected charges. If you go to Tmobile also know you will not have any 3G service.
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    08-20-2009 11:54 AM
  8. li2327's Avatar
    I can't imagine having iPhone or any smartphone for that matter without a data plan.
    08-25-2009 11:25 PM
  9. Yodaman123's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice guys, I appreciate it. I'm going to talk to an acquaintance of mine who works for T-Mobile in a few days and see what my best option is. I'll also call AT&T first to see if they'd make an exception (odds are not likely) since I've been a Cingular->AT&T customer for MANY years and I'm also off contract so I can just drop them.

    To the few posters who said I should have a data plan anyway with a smartphone:

    I don't get charged data per kb because its disabled on my phone and cannot access data with EDGE or 3G. The data plan would be a convenience, but I don't find it justifiable to be 30 dollars a month TO ME. Now I'm not saying its not worth it in general, but I think it varies person to person, which is why I don't like having a blanket one unlimited expensive plan. As I said before, I don't go out all the time and constantly need to check my email. More and more cafes and fast food joints also have free wifi now. Basically, I don't think I need to pay 30 dollars a month so I can check my email and facebook when I'm out and about.

    Of course if I made money using it, as for business use then I'd think its worth it. But for now, I'm content with my home wifi which costs half as much and I'd use a million times as much.

    Without the data plan I still find much use for having the iPhone over my old flip phone. I use it as a phone, camera, texter, mp3 player, portable computer when I leave the country (don't need to bring laptop anymore), notepad, gaming device, etc...

    Sure, a data plan will let you take FULL advantage of all the apps, but that doesn't mean an iphone is useless without one.
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    08-26-2009 06:55 AM