1. cjvitek's Avatar
    Well, the past couple of days I have been in Terlingua, TX (near Big Bend National Park). While there, I enjoyed at AT&T edge connection. I downloaded a few apps, checked my email, etc.

    Only to find out that it was not AT&T, but a different carrier that AT&T was piggybacking on. And the terms of service for the data plan state that I can only use 24MB of data of these other carriers. "To make things clear, we are now setting up your account to show 'off carrier' when not using AT&T as a domestic carrier" said the email I got from them.

    So my question is - how was I supposed to tell in the first place? IT said AT&T on my phone. It was a solid EDGE connection. Am I too assume that something is NOT AT&T?


    07-30-2009 10:53 PM
  2. ericUT's Avatar
    THere are some regional GSM carriers that AT&T borrows to extend coverage areas. I was unaware of the 24 mB limit. I'm going to research this because I've never encountered this before. I'll let you know what I find out.

    Call customer service and make sure they give a credit for any overage charges that may have been applied because that's insane.
    07-31-2009 03:42 PM