1. miedwards72's Avatar
    Today I received my first bill from ATT. I called customer service to find out where I could find my rollover minutes because they did not show up on the bill or on my online account. I don't usually post alot but I must compliment the customer service lady who helped me. While she was reviewing my bill, I mentioned that I had problems in the beginning activating my phone. She then explained the rollover process and when I was about to hang up she said that she would take off the activation charge bringing my bill from $224 to $183. Coming from Sprint(which has probably the worst customer service I have ever dealt with) it was nice to deal with a rep that was friendly and willing to save me money. I know that everyone has their own experiences with customer service reps from ATT (good or bad), but so far my first impression has been a positive one. Thank you ATT.
    07-24-2009 09:39 AM
  2. cjvitek's Avatar
    I have generally had good customer service from AT&T, but it can vary. I have found that calling often times gets you someplace faster than actually going into a store (where I often hear "well, we can't do anything about that".

    When I got my first iPhone, they switched me from my current family plan to a more expensive one without telling me, because the one I was on did not allow (any more) for the number of lines I had on it. So when they tried to upgrade me, they kept getting an error message.

    Well, the new plan was $10 more per month, and because the old plan was grandfathered in and no longer available, I couldn't switch back. I spoke to the store manager about 20 times (each time with them offering me stupid stuff like "1000 free rollover minutes). Finally, I spoke with the state manager on the phone, and he authorized a $10 "refund" per month for two years.

    In store - over two weeks with no help. On the phone - two phone calls and issue resolved.

    07-24-2009 09:56 AM
  3. Jeremy's Avatar
    On your first bill you can not earn rollover minutes. I wondered the same thing two years ago when I first joined AT&T.
    07-24-2009 10:26 AM
  4. matthew23's Avatar
    I noticed when I checked online after I received my 1st bill that rollover minutes were not on there. However, I checked on the first day of my new cycle. Today I logged on and noticed that rollover minutes are there. I think the cycle has to complete be closed for rollover to be calculated. I am now at the beginning of my 2nd full monthly cycle...
    07-24-2009 10:59 AM