1. kurtisblo's Avatar
    Hi. I currently have a 3G and I am not eligible for an upgrade to the 3GS for another year. My mom wants to get an iPhone and she offered to get the 3GS (at the discounted rate) and give it to me. I would then give her my 3G.

    Can I do that?? Does AT&T allow?

    07-14-2009 09:52 PM
  2. rgar3388's Avatar
    Yes you can do this, you just switch the sim cards. They don't care who you give the phone to cuz either way it'll be paid for through the service contract.
    07-14-2009 09:58 PM
  3. kurtisblo's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply. So there are no compatibility issues between a 3G and a 3GS?
    07-15-2009 12:25 PM
  4. Guacho's Avatar
    Nope,,, I did just that two weeks ago, the best buy employee even asked me if I wanted to switch the sim card to my old 3g.... I asked him " how did you know I want to do that ?"..... He goes : everybody is doing that.
    No compability issue at all, pretty happy with my 3gs
    07-17-2009 12:52 PM