1. evanreygulmatico's Avatar
    Im evan from the Philippines and I have a friend in US, in MA. I have a serious issue about purchasing an iphone 3GS. I'm a confused about the price of the iphone 3GS from apple store compare to AT&T store, i read a lot of forums discussing the price of iphone 3GS with no commitment contract for 599$, my friend already told me that he can purchase me the pyhsical phone alone for 199$ and I'll be the one to activate it to AT&T. My problem is that, Im here in the Philippines, I can't avail the services of AT&T and by that I will use our local service network here, is 199& 16GB iphone is the original price or do I have to pay any charges and what will be the consequences if I will not activate my iphone to AT&T???

    07-14-2009 01:17 AM
  2. touchyphone's Avatar
    Its easier if you buy it in your country with their carrier there. IMO
    07-14-2009 01:26 AM
  3. BradM73's Avatar
    Really, you'd have to compare the price of buying an iPhone in the Phillippines and buying a phone (or having your friend buy one for you) and paying the contract cancellation fees.

    Since AT&T technically won't let you buy an iPhone 3GS without a contract, the only solution would be to have your friend buy it, and then cancel the contract and pay the $175 cancellation fee, and though I'm not sure what would be involved with the monthly bill, you may have some additional charges related to the monthly bill. This would certainly be cheaper than buying one from the Apple store because you'd have to pay the full price.

    Now depending on which phone you get, the 16gb or the 32gb version, it will modify the price. Through AT&T, the 16gb is $199 and the 32gb is $299. Add $175, plus allow for any possible monthly service charges, and you'd have your total. So at least $374 for the 16gb and $474 for the 32gb. Compare that to the full Apple price of $599 and $699, that's quite a savings.

    Now you'd have to figure out what you'd pay in the Phillippines to know how much it costs there, and if you'd want to cancel your account there (if you plan to use another carrier) and see what your total cost there. If you'd only spend $50 dollars or so more in the Phillippines, it may be worth it just to buy it there, especially since it's going to cost you for your friend to ship it to you, plus insurance, etc.

    So there you have it. Find one what it costs to you to buy locally, and go from there.

    I wish you luck!
    07-14-2009 01:36 AM
  4. evanreygulmatico's Avatar
    wow, thnaks guys, iphone 3G and 3GS here cost about 1000$, thats why were all upset about the price and lock for two years in our local network here, we don't know why apple let this price here in our country.
    07-14-2009 02:11 AM
  5. evanreygulmatico's Avatar
    I'm still confuse, what if I will not activate my iphone to AT&T? My friend told me that he can buy the physical phone for me and i'll be the one to activate the phone to AT&T, what is the process of it? I mean you can buy first the unit before applying to AT&T?
    07-14-2009 02:15 AM
  6. chobbs1's Avatar
    No. To get the 199 price you have to sign a two year contract. So the phone will not leave the store without having a contract already signed.
    07-14-2009 08:00 AM
  7. Behshad's Avatar
    Even if you do the contract and then cancel it for $175, the phone will still NOT be unlocked and you wont be able to use it on a non-ATT carrier

    One of the better prices for UNLOCKED 32GB is to order from Italy as you can buy it from there for $600 , no contract, no hassle, ready to use.
    07-14-2009 09:18 AM