1. H_D's Avatar
    I'm currently with Sprint & have a fam plan with 1250 mins, first incoming min free, 3 numbers unl $5, & unlimited everything else for 129.99 w/ 25% discount. I probably wont get anything comparable to what I have through Sprint but does anyone have any information on any discounted plans? All I really need is unlimited text, data, & about 500mins for 1 line & would like to know what the cheapest options out there are for at&t iphone plan. TIA
    07-06-2009 12:18 PM
  2. Tramain's Avatar
    Well You can get 450 anytime rollover minutes+5000 night &weekends for 39.99+$30 data plan+$20 unlimited iPhone text.

    Rate Plan Details
    Anytime Minutes 450
    Night & Weekend minutes* 5000
    Mobile to Mobile minutes Unlimited
    AT&T Unity Minutes Not Included
    Long Distance $0.00
    Roaming Charges $0.00
    Additional minutes $.45 per minute
    One-time activation fee $36.00
    Contract length 2 years
    07-06-2009 01:15 PM
  3. tzintzuntzan's Avatar
    $49 for 700 minute and $15 for unlimited texting or 400 to 700 texts for $5. just inlock the iphone or use a gevey 3g plus 2 adaptor to use Tmobile or the carrier of your GSM choice, not CDMA.
    Go to, gevey 3g.com site.
    07-06-2009 03:50 PM
  4. tzintzuntzan's Avatar
    Remember the iphone is locked to ATT so it will always be very expensive to use it with AT becouse they attach $30 extra to iphones so first you must liberate the Iphone or use an adaptor ,very thin goes under the the sim of any other provider and they will not charge you $30 for having an Iphone.Go anyunlock site and you will see the choices to unlock the Iphone the adaptor is less then $15..go to,gevey.com
    07-06-2009 03:56 PM