1. bgro's Avatar
    I used the Storm for about a week and I found that it was no comparison to an iPhone. iPhone wins in every respect except push email. Much better blackberries out there than the Storm imho.
    07-15-2009 04:44 PM
  2. sbrianw's Avatar
    My roommate works for VZW. A lot of people have been disappointed in the Storm, and VZW is especially disappointed as they thought it would do much better than it has. Apparently a lot of die-hard blackberry users didn't like the transition from the true QWERTY keyboard to touch screen (springboard? whatever that's called) and want their buttons back! I had a curve before my iPhone so it was a little weird for me too...

    My VZW customer service was excellent. Retail help was awful. Exactly the opposite with ATT - in-store help was great, but questions about billing, etc...reps are terribly rude on the phone.
    07-20-2009 05:34 PM
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