1. johnnnnnymtl's Avatar
    I will be travelling to europe very soon and was wondering if anyone knows how the whole iphone/data experience works over there. Will i get extra charges? will the data network connection work? I am clueless so any info is greatly appreciated!
    06-24-2009 11:15 AM
  2. JustinHorn's Avatar
    If you are in the US on att and going over there you should just leave data roam setting on the iPhone off!!! They have one plan for iPhone for $20 which gives you like 20MB total of data. BB's on att get a $50 unlimited data plan for worldwide which makes a lot more sense.

    You should add the international calling plan for $5.99 to lower the talk time cost and turn it off when you get back (it's prorated $5.99, but make sure all you calls clear before you turn it off). For data just find wifi hot spots.
    06-24-2009 11:20 AM