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    I ordered a 3GS from Apple online store to replace my 1st gen iPhone. I had the 4500/200 text message plan. Sometime yesterday my text messages stopped going through. I didn't figure it out until late today that my text messages were not being received and I wasn't receiving any either.

    I checked my plan online and found the 200 message part of the plan was gone. Spontaneously gone. I tried to add it. No joy. I called ATT - spoke to a human. He was unable to add it back in.

    He suggested I just wait until I received my new iPhone.

    So.. if it happened to me, maybe it happened to you. Don't rely on text messaging for anything important if you have a new phone in the mail.

    06-17-2009 04:17 PM
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    I'm updating my own post.

    The day before 3.0 came out. I noticed I had no texting capability. A check of the ATT website showed I no longer had a data plan either. I was always in range of a wifi signal - so I didn't notice that ATT wasn't delivering data either.

    Yesterday, I talked to a human at ATT. He was unable to add the data service back in, and suggested I wait for the new 3GS he knew I had ordered.

    Today, I thought. BS. And called again. This time I got someone who knew how to add the data plan and text message back in. I'm back in business.

    I've updated my 1st generation iPhone without a problem. My new 3Gs appears to be in Alaska at present. I expect to see it in a day or two. Hopefully, ATT will have its ducks in a row for the masses.

    Take away message: If the first person can't help you. Try someone else.
    06-18-2009 12:31 PM