1. ktdw's Avatar
    ok, since our cell phone numbers are very much part of us, and most of us try to keep them foreever, I would like some advice on getting the best one possible.

    It used to be that, when buying a phone, selecting the number was just a very brief step in the whole contract process. They had a selection of 20 or so numbers...that was it! There was not nearly enough time or selection for one of the most important numbers of our life.

    Are there any tips to getting that perfect number?
    05-09-2009 10:43 PM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    It depends on your carrier and the salesperson you deal with when you first sign up for that number. You don't really get all that much choice. If they give you the choice of 20 you're doing well!

    You can always do something like GoogleVoice where you have a few more options and use that number to give to people.
    05-10-2009 10:05 AM
  3. ktdw's Avatar
    I guess I'm not quite sure even how it works. When I got my first phone (sprint), I was able to select my number such that the last 4 digits were the same as my landline. I don't think that's even possible now.

    Do certain carriers have only certain prefixes? Are certain carriers more agreeable to picking the number you want? My thought was maybe it's best to get a cheap phone from another carrier, then transfer the number to the carrier that has the phone you want...
    05-10-2009 11:55 AM
  4. GMJeff's Avatar
    Usually, a rep will offer you some numbers when you sign up for the new account/line. The best numbers are ones that can be remembered easily. That way the people you give it out to will know it without looking at their phones.

    Sometimes, you can tell them that you don't like the numbers that they have come up, and they can refresh the options with some new numbers. With AT&T, usually four or so at a time. They may be able to search for a specific number, but I have never had them try.

    The last time I went into AT&T to sign up for a new line (data card), the number was assigned automatically. Data devices may have a set block of numbers they assign, and just issue them one after another, no choosing. No one will call the number anyway, as it is data only.
    05-10-2009 04:16 PM
  5. icebike's Avatar
    You can also select your area code (If you are with ATT and have a National Plan). It really doesn't matter where you live.

    Selecting numbers is something that has gotten harder as the carriers get more subscribers. In the ATT stores they will do more to try to get you a memorable number than they will at a Mall Kiosk. Especially if you chat them up a bit.

    However, since everyone has phones that have on-board contact dirctories, having a specific number or a memorable one really does not matter much any more in my opinion, unless you are looking for a commercial account and the number has to be memorable to users that see your advertising.
    05-25-2009 05:22 PM