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    I've been looking into getting an iphone for a while now. I'm currently out of contract with At&t so I can't do get a refurbished iphone at the amazing price of $149.

    I've been thinking of what to do. I could add a line, get the discount on the phone then cancel the line that is out of contract. I've also thought about adding the line then just keeping my first line to see if a new iphone comes out. If it does I can us that lines upgrade to get it. But then I'd have two iphones and two contracts.

    This has come to my mind recently and I'm wondering if it really is as stupid as it sounds. ...Add a line for 149 + $36 activation fee and then move the iphone to my first line (out of contract), cancel the new line and pay the $175 etf. That's $356 for an out of contract iphone and I'll still have the eligible upgrade. If a new iphone comes out this summer i could sell my 3g and the upgrade to the iPhone SE (special edition)

    In addition to that does anybody have any comments about the refurbished iphones?
    05-02-2009 01:12 AM
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    Mmmhh... I do not know if they will let you do that. I would talk to a local AT&T person first before I tried that. Better safe than sorry in my book.

    I do think that the $149 is a great deal though.
    05-02-2009 08:32 AM
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    "Out of contract with AT&T" what do you mean? It sounds like your still UNDER/IN contract because you can't get the upgrade discount on the iPhone. Out of contract normally means your contract is up but are now just going month to month, in which case you should be eligible for an upgrade discount.

    How long have you been in your current contract with AT&T?

    Refurb devices of any kind can be hit or miss. You could get one that was used for literally 30 seconds and barely ever touched. Or one that could potentially have serious issues, you just never know. I tend to stay away from refurbs unless the deal is just too good to pass up and I see the device first.

    You may want to just wait and see what happens in early June at Apple's WWDC, only about a month left.
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    05-02-2009 09:51 AM
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    I've been out of contract since June. The refurbished iphones on the web site are only available to "new" customers. So the only way to get one would be to add a new line. I've tried upgrading alone and it's not an available option.

    Mmmhh... I do not know if they will let you do that. I would talk to a local AT&T person first before I tried that. Better safe than sorry in my book.

    I do think that the $149 is a great deal though.
    Which part do you think they won't let me do? Move the iphone over to my current number? I should be able to cancel the contract and pay the ETF then request a new sim card. Hmmmm, now you got me worried. Well I'm still not sure if this is the route I'm gonna go but that's something to look into.
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    05-02-2009 10:22 AM
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    All carries are very particular about discounted feature phones. Especially AT&T and the iPhone. All I am saying is that I would talk to my local AT&T Store first and be VERY clear and up front as to what I wanted to do. Just be sure that they and you know what the other can and wants to do.

    I got "stung" by Sprint once, so I have been very clear as to what I wanted to do with all cell carriers since then. Even when I got my iPhone and my wife's iPhone, because my plan is a little complicated, I spent about an hour explaining EXACTLY what I needed/wanted and what AT&T could do to make that happen.
    05-02-2009 11:17 AM
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    sounds good, i'll be sure to check before i make any moves.

    However, which one of those sounds like a good idea? Assuming all goes as planned?
    05-03-2009 12:39 AM