1. dstrauss#IM's Avatar
    Can't find the answer for this one. Whenever I've upgraded phones in the past, AT&T has allowed me to use any upgrade eligible line to "buy" the discounted phone, but assign it to my line, which usually isn't eligible. I have one of the kids lines upgrade eligible, but he doesn't want (or is that I'm not going to pay for) data service, and would like to use that "open" line to upgrade my wife's which is not yet eligible. I asked my local store rep, and that was as enlightening as a cavet with no flashlight.
    07-03-2008 12:40 PM
  2. jaimex99's Avatar
    I would upgrade your child's phone to an iPhone, and then, in-store, do the change of handset (transfer your wife's SIM card to the iPhone and your child's SIM card to the older phone). This would require to cancel the iPhone data plan from your child's line and add it to your wife's. You should not incurr in early termination fees because you are not cancelling your contract, you are only changing data plans.
    07-03-2008 02:58 PM
  3. BaLLi5t1c's Avatar
    I was wanting something kinda like that by adding a line and then getting my number I currently have switched to the iPhone but there seemed to be a bunch of technicalities and extensions of my existing contract by another 2 years (not the added line) and whatnot. I don't if that's how it'll be when/if I do go that route but it did seem more troublesome than I anticipated.

    P.S. The SIM card in the iPhone 3G is not compatible with most other At&t phones or so I've been told.
    07-03-2008 03:19 PM
  4. dstrauss#IM's Avatar
    It doesn't sound like an easy process in any event. In the past (when I bought a Blackjack) they just "gave" me the discount price and then showed my other line as not being eligible for upgrade for 18 months...oh well...
    07-03-2008 03:59 PM