1. Dave 9's Avatar
    Ok so I have noticed with CarPlay that anyone who plugs their iPhone in to my CarPlay in my car to charge it,their iPhone will think that it’s their Car and from that point on using the my car feature they know where my car is if I have my iPhone plugged in to my CarPlay. How do I set up my CarPlay so only I can see my car and no one else ??! Privacy issue much far out!!
    07-13-2018 01:03 AM
  2. Sherry_B's Avatar
    You should be able to go into your cars BT settings and remove any devices you don't want to be there. In our cars settings we have Carplay, auto enabling when a device is plugged in, turned off. You'll have to see if your car settings offers that.
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    07-14-2018 03:55 AM

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