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    Anyone using a Ford Sync 3 system have issues with 3rd party apps freezing in CarPlay? iheartradio will let me select a station, play a song and the screen will freeze before the songs over. I cant get back to the station list, pause, etc. the screen is frozen. I can get back to the home screen with the home button but the now playing screen is useless. If I disconnect and reconnect it works again but freezes before another song finishes.

    Ive tried 2 iPhone X’s, 3 genuine Apple cables and turned off bluetooth. Ive done half a dozen factory resets on both my phone and the Sync 3 unit.

    Ive reverted back to tethering my Note 8 to my iphone and using Android Auto but Id rather CarPlay just work.
    02-05-2018 07:55 PM
  2. TylerLV76's Avatar
    Update in case anyone reads this forum:

    Last night, testing in my garage, nothing froze for almost 20 minutes. This morning I start driving and within 1 song it froze. I disconnected and reconnected and it froze again. Disconnect and reconnect and this time use Apple Music. Apple Music continues to play fine and not freeze for 10 or so minutes. I try to switch over to iheartradio and it wont even open the app on the screen. Disconnect and reconnect and I can open the app and play a station. Within the first song we freeze again. Get to work, park the car and disconnect and reconnect again. This time I open iheartradio, select a station and it plays perfectly. Sit outside for a good 15 minutes and cant make it freeze.

    So its only while Im driving that it freezes.

    May have to make a trip to ford and test out one of their vehicles.
    02-06-2018 09:41 AM

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