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    I'm an English teacher and, as of last year, the only one who dared to set up Apple TV (I have version 2) in the classroom. It worked perfectly, especially once I bought an adapter to allow for wireless projection and Airplay via my VGA projector.

    Then, over the summer, my school upgraded its network and instituted WPA2 Enterprise, a more secure network than we had before. Unfortunately, today I found out that Apple TV doesn't support WPA2 Enterprise networks for some reason or another. I had to go back to my wired connection using the VGA adapter, and it's pretty clumsy to say the least.

    For those who use Apple TV (especially anyone using it in a corporate or educational setting), what do you think the chances are that Apple issues a firmware update allowing connections to WPA2 Enterprise networks? I would think that with their push into education over the last year, they would want to make sure their Apple TVs get into every classroom possible. Thoughts?
    08-31-2012 12:16 PM