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    So I have some powerboats 2 that I've used for a couple of years and liked them. Didn't ever think the bass and sound were all that, but figured not to expect too much from buds.

    Got a pair of air amps by Sol republic today, the airpod style cable free buds, and the bass is might and day. Now I'm not thrilled at the lack of controls on these buds, so not sure I want to keep them.

    The bass though is night and day different. Has anyone else tried the air amps, and the powerboats? If so, have I just had a bad pair of powerbeats, or are the sols just that much better? If so, can anyone recommend a similar sounding pair of buds with track controls? These only have on/off functionality without resorting to Siri or pulling out the phone.
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    05-03-2017 09:19 PM

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